Is it ready yet?

It has been said that at the heart of the startup is the MVP, or Minimal Viable Product. This is a lean development strategy which allows you to get the product to your customers ASAP while reducing engineering /design waste and accelerating learning. The MVP is not the goal of the development team, it is a navigational tool to focus their efforts.

But how do you know when you have a minimal viable product? It is a risk thing. How much are you willing to risk that you are doing the right thing? That you are working on what your customer actually wants?

By building the Open Bench at a slow but constant pace we are better able to move towards a responsive solution that is fit to meet our communities needs. We are using the MVP model to help us better understand those early visionaries who, as I write this, are making the OBP ever more functional. As we add more equipment and further develop the space, the OBP will become more and more attractive to more and more people. So now…we invite the visionaries, the bold, the curious, those who can help us to see the long term vision for the project, through it’s immediate short comings and hurdles to come join us in helping to shape the future of the Open Bench.

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